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Our Company

We started Curbio to solve a problem that too many families were experiencing in our community. They wanted to renovate their homes in order to sell it for the best possible price, but they didn’t have the cash to pay for the work upfront.

We believe that all homeowners should be able to sell their properties for a fair price, not give up their hard-earned equity by listing “as-is.” That’s why we created our “fix now, pay when you sell” program. We partner with local real estate agents and their clients to make smart renovations and get homes ready for market.

After being renovated by MSP, homes sell faster and homeowners and agents make more money.

Revolutionizing the Home Improvement Industry

Home improvement projects can be stressful and emotional for homeowners and agents. Unreliable contractors who don’t show up on time and are in no rush to complete the project just make the situation worse.

We do things differently.

  • We specialize in pre-sale home improvements, so we’re focused on renovations that will deliver value when the house is on the market
  • We partner with real estate agents and homeowners as one team and rely on agents’ expertise about what local buyers really want
  • We leverage technology to streamline the home improvement process: virtual estimates, automated communication and updates – you’ll never be in the dark about next steps

Our Leadership Team


Rick Rudman

President & Chief Executive Officer


Matt Siegal

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

James Bruno

SVP of Operations

Norm Weissberg | Curbio

Norm Weissberg

SVP of New Business Development

Rikki Rogers

VP of Marketing

Our Culture

We embrace “conscience capitalism.”

We’re a for-profit enterprise that offers good returns to our investors by delivering services to customers in financially tough situations. This “win-win” model combines the profit motive of a for-profit business with the social benefit motive of a charitable organization.

In other words, our goal is to make money by helping people.

This philosophy is illustrated by a unique feature of our sales contract. In the event that, after satisfying all properly recorded encumbrances which are legally superior in priority, there are insufficient proceeds at the time of settlement to pay for our services in full, we will not hold our customer liable for any deficiency balance. If we overestimate the amount of proceeds that will be available to pay us in full at settlement, we won’t hold the customer responsible for the unpaid balance.

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