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Why Real Estate Agents Love MaxSalePrice

MaxSalePrice is the only home improvement company that works exclusively with real estate agents.  Our Fix Now, Pay When You Sell program allows homeowners to renovate their homes before you list them, and they won’t pay for the work until settlement.

A relationship between you and MSP is the ultimate win-win partnership.

  • Earn More Listings – We’ll work with you to decide which home improvements and updates will deliver the most value. Your clients will see you as a trusted advisor and long-term partner, not just an agent.
  • No More “As-Is” Listings – We help you and your client sell the house for its true value, and you’ll both leave the settlement table with more money. 
  • Sell Homes More Quickly – Homes we work on sell more than 30% faster than the average MLS listing.

We specialize in pre-sale renovations that help homes sell for the highest possible price.

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Success Story

Helping Deidre and her client sell for the best possible price

  • $475k - Original List Price

    The home sat on the market for 5 months.

  • $400k - Highest Offer Received before Renovation

    The price was eventually reduced to $450k.

  • $520k - After Renovation List Price

    The home sold at full list price in just days after MaxSalePrice completed renovation. Renovation costs were just $50k.

We originally listed this property for $475k and dropped the house to $450k after it sat on the market for several months. After MaxSalePrice renovated the home, we relisted it for $520k, and it sold for full list price right away.

Working with MaxSalePrice was a pleasure from beginning to end.  The process was managed really well with great communication along the way.

Deidre Paige
Deidre PaigeReal Estate Agent | Keller Williams

We’re helping agents in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC become trusted advisors in their communities. If you have a listing that needs renovations, we should work together.

We turn your toughest listings into your biggest success stories.

How We Partner With Agents

Lead Referral Program – We don’t accept “sale-by-owner” projects. If a homeowner without an agent contacts us, we refer them to one of our preferred agents. Once they sign a listing agreement with an agent, we’ll accept their project.

No Agent Liability – Our relationship with real estate agents is informal. There are no contracts and no fees of any kind.  We renovate our mutual client’s home, and you sell it for its full potential price. We wait for payment until settlement, and the seller walks away with more proceeds than if they’d been forced to sell in “as-is” condition. Fix. Sell. Pay. It’s that simple.

You’re the Expert – Throughout the program, we’ll turn to you for your expertise on what makes home sell in your market. You’ll be your client’s hero, expand your sphere of influence, and build a strong set of success stories.

We’re on Your Team

Our unique “renovate now, pay at settlement” model means that you, your homeowner, and MSP have the same goal: selling your client’s house for top dollar.

  • No minimum credit score or income requirement
  • No cash required prior to settlement
  • No time limit – we wait as long as it takes to sell and settle
  • No interest or fees.

Click here to learn more about our Fix Now, Pay When You Sell Program.

Agents who work with MaxSalePrice become trusted resources for sellers in their communities.

Have a potential listing that needs some love?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum or maximum size project that you’ll accept?

The minimum size project that we accept is $15,000. There is no maximum.

What home improvement services do you offer?

We do it all, interior and exterior. We’re a licensed and insured general contractor. We provide services to homeowners who are ready to sell as soon as their home is refurbished.  Examples of our services include:

Appliance Repair and Replacement
Handyman Repairs
Mold Remediation

This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

You’re right, it does sound too good to be true. But, it is true, and there’s no catch. We’ll prepare your client’s home for sale and wait for payment until settlement, subject to the terms of the sales contract. We make our profit solely on the services we provide. There are no finance charges or hidden fees.

I have a client who needs this ASAP. What’s the next step?

Give us a call at 844-944-2629 Ext.2 or send us an email using the Contact form. If you email, be sure to include the address of the property that needs work. We’ll then get right back to you to schedule a free, on-site estimate.

How can I start receiving leads from

We don’t accept “sale by owner” projects. If a homeowner who is not represented by an agent contacts us, we’ll refer them to an agent with whom we’ve worked. Leads that we provide are of the highest quality; the seller is motivated to sell ASAP. We do not charge for leads that we provide to agents.

There’s no credit score or income requirement?

There are no minimum income or credit requirements, and we require no money before settlement. Our decision to take on a project is based on various factors such as current mortgages and liens, the estimated after-renovation list price, and the scope of work required. Quite simply, we make sure that there’s sufficient equity to pay for the work.

How long will you wait for payment?

For as long as it takes. Our sales agreement clearly states that no payment is due until settlement. And, there are no finance charges. What’s more, in the event that, after satisfying all properly recorded encumbrances which are legally superior in priority, there are insufficient proceeds at the time of settlement to pay for our services in full, we will not hold our client liable for any deficiency balance. In other words, if we overestimate the amount of proceeds that will be available to pay us in full at settlement, we’ll forgive the unpaid balance.

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