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We are the only home improvement company that renovates homes before they are put on the market and delays payment until settlement.

Our program is the ideal solution for homeowners who want to sell their homes quickly but need to renovate in order to get the best possible sale price.

Too many homeowners list their house  in “as is” condition and let a bargain hunter or house flipper walk away with the equity they’ve worked years to build. MaxSalePrice lets sellers flip their own homes and leave the settlement table with more money in their pocket.

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Why Renovate Now, Pay When You Sell?

Homeowners across the DC metro area are selling their houses for top dollar by working with MaxSalePrice. Our “Fix Now, Pay When You Sell” program is a great solution for any seller with equity in their home.

Homeowners Ready to Downsize

Homeowners who want to downsize or move into retirement communities often have spent years building equity in their homes, but may no longer have regular income to pay upfront for home renovation.

If you have a client whose home is outdated and needs updates before listing, our program is the perfect solution. We take care of everything, from kitchen remodels to minor repairs.

homeowners who want to downsize
renovation for busy homeowners

Sellers Who Want a No-Hassle Renovation

Selling a home can be overwhelming, and many homeowners dread the added stress of home improvement projects. The logistics of working with a general contractor and the hassle of figuring out financing can make selling a non-starter.

We make home renovation easy for these homeowners. They don’t pay for the work until closing, so there’s no need to secure financing. We have a portfolio of beautiful products that we know buyers will love, complete our projects in under 8 weeks, and provide a dedicated project manager for the entire renovation. And since we’re a one-stop-shop, the agent and sellers will never be chasing down quotes or hounding subcontractors. We take care of it all.

Families Selling Inherited Properties

We work with many families who have inherited properties from a loved one. Listing inherited properties as-is can be tempting, especially when families are worried about the expense of renovation and are ready to move on from an already difficult situation. Families  love working with MaxSalePrice on inherited estates because we simplify the renovation process, move quickly, and help them get the property on the market in move-in ready condition.

Have a listing, or potential listing, that would benefit from our Renovate Now, Pay When You Sell program?

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